How to be successful and wealthy?

By reading all the time

Hey guys. Today, we’re gonna talk about how to be successful and wealthy? by reading all the time. Let’s get started.

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Knowledge is power. Everyone knows that, but not all people are willing to invest their time and money to upgrade their knowledge. Only those who understand clearly about the benefit and value of knowledge take time and effort to improve it.

So how can you upgrade your knowledge effectively and quickly? The answer is very simple: keep reading all the time. Read as much as you can and as fast as you can.

Warren Buffet claims that he usually stays in his office and reads all day. How much? Normally around 500 pages per day. I personally do the same thing. For whatever you don’t know or don’t understand yet, no need to worry, just read and learn from the books, articles, or simply through internet. It is said that if you read approximately 50 books about one particular subject, it is similar as getting a PhD.

When Elon Musk was asked who taught him rocket science, he simply answered he taught himself by reading textbooks and talking to industry heavyweights. It sounds very similar to me. When I worked as a Process Improvement Manager in Hirdaramani Group, the President of the Group used to ask me “Where did you learn about LEAN and Process Improvement?” I told him “I’ve read thousands of articles about it and learnt everything from the internet right after I got the job”.

He was very impressed with my performance. Thus, he personally invited me to visit the headquarter in Srilanka and learn more about LEAN, gain more experience, stay connected with the entire management team in the Group. I have to say this is my favorite company. I highly recommend Hirdaramani Group for any one who wants to build and grow their career in Garment manufacturer industry. I really like their working environment.

In addition, it’s very important to care about what you plan to read. Should you read everything? Is it a bright idea to read several different categories at the same time? The answer is NO. Why? Because you won’t have enough time. Trust me. Nobody can be good at everything. So don’t try to learn everything yourself. Otherwise, you may end up knowing nothing.

The next point is to Stay focus. In fact, you may want to read some very specific topics which you really care about and keep reading them daily. For example, if you wanna open a restaurant, read as many books about restaurants as you can. You must become an expert in your area. Don’t waste your time to jump here and there such as reading Sport on Monday, Fashion on Tuesday, celebrities on Wednesday, etc. You may end up nowhere.

Here are a few tips to take away: Keep reading all the time. Keep upgrading your knowledge and understanding. Keep working very hard. Break your limit. Success is always there.

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